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Plastic Closures and Packaging Company (FEP)
exist since 1992 and has managed to be a leader producing plastic screw caps for CSD and mineral water used by ,big brands, bottlers.


Our products

We are sure that you will find the right plastic packaging in our range. If not, our engineers and designers will develop with you a tailor-made packaging solution according to your ideas.


Our packaging aims to make your brand and your products more visible. Thus, we bring our stone to the success of your business. By collaborating with you, we seek to find the suitable form of packaging, the optimal closure and the ideal decorations.


FEP is committed to offering its customers high quality services with remarkably short lead times. To achieve this objective, the company has given itself all the means of its policy, both in terms of equipment and human personnel.

Our products

We will help you find the solution that meets your needs.


Closure PG282 G


Closure Short Neck 1881


Closure 337

All our caps are approved by major national and international brands.

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