Closure Polyguard 282 G (1810) PCO-BPF-MCA 1-2-3 28mm


Closure Polyguard (1810) PCO-BPF-MCA 1-2-3 28mm is a product used for: Carbonated Soft Drinks, mineral water and sparkling water.

NUMBER OF PARTS2-Piece Closure
NECK FINISH28mm neck: MCA1, MCA2, MCA3, PCO 1810 et PBF
RESINPP copolymer/EVA Liner Disk-free floating
INTENDED FORCarbonated Soft Drinks,Carbonates Water , Beverages
PACKAGING3.800 Pcs/Boxes & 25 Boxes/Pallet
PRINTINGUp to 3 Colours Tampon Printing
LOADING1.330.000 Pcs./20″ Container
3.283.200 Pcs./40″ Container
3.800.000 Pcs./Truck